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Role of Visual Vocabulary in Designing Brand Identity

One of the most important tools of marketing is to develop a brand identity. Not only does it help in increasing the market value of your business but it will also contribute in creating an impression in the mind of your customers. This will in future reinforce your brand identity design value thereby securing your customer loyalty rate.

Logo as the primary element of visual image – A very important part of the visual elements of brand identity design is the ‘logo’. Logo acts as the very primary symbol of any business and in every sense is a doppelganger of your business. Since images are more effective than words, customers often tend to recognize a company more by its logo. Hence the designing of the logo should be done very wisely so that if reflects the company’s image in every means.

Secondary constituents of visual vocabulary –Although, the logo plays as the key element of the brand identity design, but there are few other elements that need conjunction with the logo to create the best visual impact. One should to keep in mind the text font size, style and colors; the layout copy of the logo; the background images, the one liner for your business. Even if you are going for printed promotional like pamphlets, hoardings or print newsletters the kind of paper you are using for printing also leaves an impact in the mind of the customer.

Logo compatibility – Till we have discussed the elements needed for the brand identity design, now these elements needs to be well cohered for the creation of a successful brand logo. The color combination of the fonts and the background image; the logo design should be such that they complement each other. For example: logo of a garment company should be compact and catchy so they look well matched in every outfit of the label. On a second note, logos of the health care units must include solid and subtle colors like blue, white, green etc. Complementary harmony amongst the elements those are present in and around the logo is always desired.

Visuals acts as graphical language – The visuals that are associated with your logo or your promotional should be such that it summarizes the business story to the customers. If your business is targeted at the customers who are acute professionals, with a very busy schedule, go for the compact and short visuals. Choose modes like billboards, hoardings as medium for your promotion, this way you can even communicate even with these potential clients who lack the time to watch other public mediums.

Target the mindset of the customers – Design the logo of your business only after understanding the mindset of the target customers. For example if your business is targeted at the middle class whom we know to famous for being emotional and value oriented, your logos and advertisements should be such that by delivering a public message they can imprint the image of your business in the minds of the customers.